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zero focus

zero focus

"Zero Focus" is a black and white fashion narrative that aims to highlight the beauty and complexity of ADHD, a neurological difference that is often misunderstood and stigmatised. The series captures the duality of the ADHD mind by using a mix of blurred motion portraits and sharply focused images to convey the emotional and visual complexity of the condition. It emphasises the paradoxical nature of ADHD, oscillating between the inability to focus and hyperfocus. The editorial calls for a world that acknowledges and celebrates diversity, creating a space where everyone can thrive, regardless of their neurological differences.


Photographer, Art Direction, and Post Production: Miki Abraham 
Stylist: Alejandra Saavedra González 
makeup artist: Maeve Mcelholm
hair stylist: Roy Haywardphoto assistant: Ilenia Arosio
Models: Lauren Tagg @First Model & Jonah Weisz
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